NORTH DIVISION Week #5 (December 16 at 20th Century Lanes) The times will be GIRLS @ 8:45 am & BOYS @ 12:00 pm

The WOHSBC has adopted a NEW substitution rule (aloud by the OHSAA) when it comes to the removal of a bowler and the sub bowler score. Starting in the 2017-18 season, if a bowler is removed from a game anytime in the first 5 frames, the score will go to the sub bowler score. Once a bowler enters the 6th frame of his or her game and throws a shot or is removed any frame after that, that score shall be recorded to that bowler that started the game. 

Saturday March 17, 2018 * 1:00 pm * Pla-Mor Lanes - Coldwater
Top 20 Girls & Top 20 Boys from each division will be invited to participate
This event is sponsored by Auglaize, Mercer & Van Wert Counties